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If you are a lawyer practicing in any courts within the jurisdiction of India, please fill in the details below. Ensure the details furnished are genuine and bonafide.

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free legal advice

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We have a connected team of Lawyers across India. Please leave us your details to find one at your location.

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Vakilpro is an One Stop Platform with a Team of Expert Lawyers, Finance Consultants and Business Advisors, for all kind of legal advises, consultations and business requirements.

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Send a Legal Notice

A legal notice is a statement of Grievance claim/relief sought by one person against another person or company, to whom you want to send a legal notice.

Legal Opinion / Advice

Free Legal opinion may also be known as legal advice whereas legal opinion is likely to be more extensive, given by an advocate or a law officer.

Legal Opinion For Properties

When buying a property: As a matter of fact, it is the time when you need to obtain an independent legal advice on the title to a particular property.

Legal Documentation

Legal document is any written instrument that defines, declares, limits, or expands the legal rights or privileges of a person or entity.

Practice Areas

Corporate Services

Proper advice and clarification is provided on corporate issues such as Corporate disputes, Taxations, Transactions, Mer

Employment & Labour Issues

Advising on the legal obligations and entitlements of employers and employees as well as related issues arising from ter

Real Estate Related Services

Purchasing of property, Selling of propert, Lease review and negotiation of property

Personal and Family Disputes

Legal separation and Divorce, Child custody and child support, Alimony or spousal support.

Consumer Disputes

Consumer rights have been enacted to protect him/her from being cheated by sellers and manufacturers and such laws have

Motor Accident Claims/ Insurance

Motor accident claims may be made by the injured person and in case of death the legal heirs of the deceased are claiman

Foreign Establishments

India is one of the most progressive in the world which possesses huge market and a vast human potential comprising of 1

Create Business Entity

Business entities are created or formed at the state level, often by filing documents with a state agency such as the Se

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