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We support our clients in:

* Purchasing of property
* Selling of property
* Lease review and negotiation of property
* Property transfers
* Proper property Due diligence
* Mortgages and refinancing
* Property Title searches/ Status certificate
* Status certificate reviews/assessment
* Purchase and Sale documentation
* Transfer/Assignments/benefits of properties
* Home owner title insurance
* Land Transfer Tax

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016, Seeks for the protection of buyers and sellers, each state has established a regulatory authority for real estate related issues.

We Provide complete verification of all the relevant documents and assist you till the registration such as stocks, shares, bonds, debentures, securities and shelter you from fraudulent activity. We also provide legal advice, litigation, real estate transaction, documentation services in regards to property all over India.

We provide with information and help in planning with the development of projects constructions and registration which includes all kind of paper work such as Drafting, Preparations of deeds, Will, bonds, Contracts, Agreements, Notice and other documentation required. Other Acts concerned,

The Transfer of Property Act 1882
The Indian Contract act 1872
Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999
Indian Easement Act 1882
Urban Land Act 1976