Personal And Family Disputes

Personal and Family Disputes:-

Personal and Family Disputes provides competent legal assistance on a spectrum of personal and family related issues which has a devastating effect on one’s individual life. Each individual has different sets of personal laws in respect to laws relating to family affairs, succession, personal laws etc. The attorneys in Vakilpro do have great experience and has handled many issues concerned with personal and family matters.

Personal and Family Disputes provides competent legal assistance :

* Legal separation and Divorce.
* Child custody and child support.
* Alimony or spousal support.
* Mediation, and all related issues relating to matrimony.
* Personal and property disputes and all related aspects.

* Family violence, spouse maintenance, alimony, adoption, surrogacy, annulment, mental and physical abuse.

* Rights of consumer, debts, insurance claims, mortgage stress, foreclosure, motor vehicle property damage, misuse of powers of attorney, prenuptial agreements, compensation for victims of a civil dispute.

* Land and building disputes.

* Agreement, contract and tenancy disputes.

* Defamation.* Intellectual property.

* Neighbour disputes or nuisance causing to person or property.

* Negligence, property and lease disputes, inheritance, title disputes.

* Taxation and prosecutions for unpaid taxes.

* Drafting wills.

* Personal injuries.

Some of the important Laws and Act that are involved in personal and family matters are The Indian Divorce Act, The Hindu Marriage Act, Christian Marriage Act, Special Marriage Act, Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act, Foreign Marriage Act etc.

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