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Legal Documentation:-

Legal agreements are binding documents which when properly drawn and signed become enforceable as a matter of law. For instance, a sales contract or purchase agreement – you agree to purchase the property and the other party agrees to sale the property. Both the buyer and seller have certain rights, and duties under the contract.

Legal document is any written instrument that defines, declares, limits, or expands the legal rights or privileges of a person or entity. For example, a Last Will and Testament is a written instrument in which you declare that the person or persons that you designate are entitled to receive certain property upon your death.

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At Vakilpro, Documentation and drafting is done with our high proficiency. We Do:-

* Residential Rental Agreement
* Sale Deed
* Make Your Will
* Partition Deed
* Sale Agreement
* Power of Attorney
* Mortgage Agreement
* Affidavits
* Hire Purchase Agreement
* Construction Agreement

* Master Service Agreement
* Non-Compete Agreement
* Joint Venture Agreement
* Partnership Agreement
* Franchise Agreement
* Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
* Disclaimer – (Web/App)
* Consultancy Agreement
* Non-Solicitation Agreement
* Sponsorship Agreement

* Gift Deed
* Employment Contract
* Subcontracting Agreement
* Non-Disclosure Agreement
* Freelance Agreement
* Vendor Agreement
* Procurement Agreement
* AMC Agreement
* Maintenance Agreement
* Service Level Agreement

* Memorandum of Understanding
* Trust/Society By-Laws
* Company Policy
* Settlement Deed
* Profit/Revenue Sharing Agreement
* Founders’ Agreement
* Term Sheet
* Shareholders’ Agreement
* Indemnity Bond
* Share Purchase Agreement