Employment & Labour Issues

Employment and Labour Issues:-

Employment law or labour law is an essential component of any business.

Vakilpro Provides Assistance In:-

* Advising on the legal obligations and entitlements of employers and employees as well as related issues arising from termination of employment contracts.

* Female employee related issues such as related matters of sexual harassment of women at workplace (prevention, prohibition and redressal act, 2013) that seeks to protect and provides a mechanism for women to report incidents of sexual harassment at their place of work.

* Drafting, Reviewing HR policies, related legal agreements, privacy laws, non-compete provisions ,disciplinary matters and also incentives ,insurance and pensions systems.

* Drafting and reviewing specially designed contracts for employees at different levels.

* Applying for and opposing employment related injunction applications.

* Boardroom disputes and severance claims.

* Collective bargaining issues including trade union recognition and negotiations.

* Discrimination and harassment claims.

* Immigration law including visas, work permits and international mobility.

* International employment issues including dual contracts.

* Investigations of workplace issues and allegations.

* Privacy law and access to information.

* Redundancies and dismissals.

* Transfer of undertakings.

* Whistle-blower laws, retaliation claims and related investigations.

* Workplace and industrial relations disputes and strategies.

* Dispute resolution such as Arbitration, Mediation and conciliation.

* Disciplinary matters.

* Labour court litigation.

The law relating to labour and employment in India, is primarily known under the broad category of “Industrial Law and therefore is the awareness of one’s rights. It is the balance between the rights and responsibilities of both employer and employees.

The law mandates a substantial number of guidelines in respect to work pace related issue, it’s also categorised as Industrial law. The law focuses on the term of employment and the conditions of labour, the objectives of state statues is to regulate and maintain harmonious environment and to prevent employees from exploitation. Job security which is an important factor has been protected from unjust discharge and termination by the amendment of Industrial Adjudication

Labour and Employment laws have been Liberalized for the protection, welfare and added benefits which is categorised into two before retirement and after Retirement. Before Retirement he/she is eligible for overtime, Maternity, Workers Compensation and disability, Paternity etc., after retirement will include Pension, Provident Fund, Insurance and Gratuity.

Mechanism involved in the process of settlement would differ depending on the facts of the case such as Arbitration, Mediation and conciliation, Adjudication etc.,

By Laws and Acts that mediate the link between the entities, workers, union and government under the subject of employment and labour are

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